Welcome to Bien-Aimée

Hello! I'm a seamstress blogging under the pen name of Ms. Ladyfair. You may have come here from my sister blog Feeling Sew Good or perhaps you just stumbled upon my blog in pursuit of sewing related subject matter. What is this blog about? My fascination with fashion! After starting Feeling Sew Good I realized that my tastes are so varied they simply cannot be contained within one blog. Bien-Aimée focuses on all of my fashion interests. Here I document my sewing projects, discuss trends and review products. In terms of style I am attracted to vintage, fae, psychobilly, lolita, gothic and Victorian fashion. But I don't wear any specific one; I am not bound to a set style because I believe the wardrobe is a creative outlet. Life is too short to look only a certain way! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Please ask my permission first if you wish to use images or illustrations featured in my blog (with the exception of those that are product photos or public domain).

Although I encourage conversation my post comments are monitored and filtered. I don't mind mild profanity but offensive subject matter or comments featuring links or self promotion will not be published.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me


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