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April 2017

Last of the Personal Updates

I'm no longer featuring personal posts on the blog, you may have noticed 60% of the posts have dropped off, I unpublished them. Don't worry, I was not haggled by anybody! I'm doing it for the sake of my new blog and business which you'll be linked to in the coming months. I highly doubt anyone will make the connection between the new blog and the old blog, but in the event that maybe they could it's better to clean Bien Aimée up and eventually put it to rest. I'm a terribly foul-mouthed opinionated person lol, considering my potential clientele will likely be comprised of middle aged women and grandmothers I don't want to scare anyone away. I'll still be goth and love Halloween, I just won't swear as much (if at all...that's going to be a huge challenge as I was raised in a family of boys). 

So, as this post will be deleted/unpublished in a few months time (long enough for you guys to read it and be done with it) I figure I'll give you some brief updates to my life. 

Spring is here and I'm loving every minute of it! The trees are budding open with fresh lime green leaves, the flowers are in full bloom. Flashes of red, yellow and pink tulips adorn the garden beds and the much beloved almond, cherry and flowering Magnolia trees are bursting forth with new life. This is my season, as much as Summer is and Fall, each has its own unique flavor. As I told my husband while lounging on the loveseat, "You know what summer means? Vampires." Because I always get a weird hankering for all things vampiric in the summertime. In the fall it's pumpkin spice [insert food or drink here] and warm sweaters with baked goods. In spring it's gardening and sun hats, pink lemonade and romantic black and white films. And sewing, when I have the energy for it. 

I remember in 2015 I had been hospitalized, post hysterectomy, and I was terribly ill. I was bed ridden and missing the spring experience. The flowering trees only open for about two weeks, as the tulips and daffodils are quick to die off. It's a very short window before the leaves are completely open and everything begins to transition into summer. Ever since that year I have been all the more determined to immerse myself in the season and drink in every aspect of it. My favorite thing this year is the bumble bees who've been scoping out my Fuji cherry shrub (I just bought my mom one for her garden). These things bring me tremendous spiritual peace - spirituality! Another thing I always associate with spring. 

This is what I need in my life right now as I've been away from work for months and haven't shown many signs of improvement. There's good news and gray news? That's a term I just made up to describe news that is neither good nor bad. The good news is that I do not have EBV. Shocking I know. I had been both comforted and shattered by this diagnosis as I fought with all my energy to get my immune system up in order to overcome the virus (as you may have read, EBV reactivated is untreatable and can be overcome if only the body can get it under control - if not you suffer with it for months or years). It turns out that the doctor didn't read it correctly, he identified that I tested positive for EBV, it was the internist who notified me that I had overcome EBV, the bio markers indicated that the virus was in remission. Surprise! That was amazing news but I felt like storming into the hallway and cursing my brains out, why? Because it wasn't accounting for how bad I've been feeling lately. The internist was equally confused. He has no idea what's wrong with me and his resident suggested I might see an infectious disease specialist some day. They both decided to run more blood work on me testing for some serious looking crap and I'll be having an MRI to look at my brain and spine to ensure nothing weird is going on there - particularly in regards to MS which the internist felt could be a possibility and I could just be asymptomatic (I have some but not all symptoms associated with MS). 

That's the gray news. We're back to square one with no diagnosis, no explanation and I've already written my boss to tell her that I have mono only to have to retract that diagnosis...but I'm probably not going to bother. It's not legal paperwork or any such thing, it's just a conversation between her and I and I figure it's no trouble, I was suffering with EBV, I'm still suffering with something, what difference does it make? 

The future

A cat figure I made for my dad,
based on his cat, Pippin.
I have two art figurines being finished off today and tomorrow, I'll have to make the forms for five more, including hands for a devil doll I'm working on. Half of which will be stocked at the brick and mortar gift shop the other half will be listed in my Etsy shop. I have to finish the Halloween inventory by July at the latest, then it's Christmastime. I'm also making two or three "Canadian" themed pieces in honor of the 150th birthday. 

The new blog will feature my art, my home reno projects, my sewing, and maybe some writing pieces here and there. It won't be as fashion oriented as this was but I'm finding I'm getting a bit burned out lately and don't have time to invest in developing mood boards and rummaging through catalogs.

It's up to any of you if you want to read the new blog, this blog or both. Just know that Bien Aimée won't run indefinitely, it will shut down some day I just don't know when.

Meanwhile, I will be posting on the other blog for some home reno projects. We bought a new dresser that needs to be stripped, painted and stained, likewise I need to paint the fireplace mantel, a little side table which I've cleaned up and need to repair, as well as this new set up we have for hubby's video game collection (it's a weird dresser bookshelf hybrid). I have an old secretary that's dying to be painted and the hardware maybe needs to be replaced. I might even make a cool gothy frame for its windows as I got my mom's scroll saw back! We're working on a new planter, not like the one described in my garden post, it's a vertical herb garden planter and we've bought everything for it, I'm really excited to finish that! It's a super cool DIY project, which if you're a condo dweller you might want to try out for yourself. 

Anyways, I hope all is well with you guys and if you do want to know what becomes of me personally don't forget you can reach out, there is a link to me for email in the sidebar under my profile pic.



  1. Aw I loved your fashion posts... You are always so thoughtful and funny too. But I'm sure you'll bring that to the new blog. Looking forward to it! Hope you feel better and figure out what's going on. Must be rough not knowing...

    1. Thank you! There will still be fashion posts in the new blog for sure, probably more in relation to my sewing, like how I knock certain pieces off. I'll still write a few more here on Bien Aimée but they probably won't be as ranty or sweary lol, and no longer 25 paragraphs in length! Looking back it's like I've written a fashion bible it's so extensive.

    2. You do have an impressive library of posts! Sometimes I go back and read your past posts.

    3. That's awesome! I'm glad some of my past posts are worth re-reading. :)

  2. I can't imagine the frustration you're feeling at being back to square one with regards to answers to your health =(
    I'm very sorry that you're back wondering, though it is great news that the EBV is in remission.

    While I will be sad to see Bien Aimee go, I do understand the need to branch out and rebrand... gods know I have tried once or twice lol. I don't do change very well though, so once I find something that works well it's tough for something to move me.

    You have a genuine voice, and that's a big reason why I can say you're my favorite blogger. So, forgive me for sounding a tad creepy but I will follow where ever you go XD
    I hope the changes make you happy, I'll be quite excited to see what you're crafting up or sewing.

    1. lol Nothing creepy there, I'd follow you wherever you go - so long as it's accessible, it bums me out when bloggers ditch to try something specific like Instagram or Facebook! I"m excited to focus on my creative efforts, the new blog will definitely feature more sewing and craft related subject matter. I've been itching to get back into the sewing room which looks like a bomb exploded, I'm doing a spring purge of all the fabric I don't need nor will ever use again. Hopefully I'll be starting my sewing again very soon.

  3. Your new blog isn't up yet, is it? I am so sorry you are back to square one with your health! That sucks! I really hope you find out something! Love the cat you made! Take Care, Big Hugs!

    1. Thank you! It seems like my blood work checked out, so that's good news! :) The new blog is almost ready for use, I've gone through like seventeen colour schemes. It's hard finding a look that suits my art but is neutral enough that I can write about anything! I hate web design, it's one of the graphic design subjects I avoided as best as possible in Uni lol. I'll probably link to the new site in the coming weeks.

  4. I'll miss the unfiltered authenticity of your life entries!

    1. lol I'll still be unfiltered in all my other posts!


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