Thursday, 18 June 2015

Gothic Thrift Store Adventures

What did I find?!

I usually talk about my thrift store adventures in my end of the month recap post, but sometimes I buy so much crap that it's monumental and requires it's own separate post. Like this one! After having my surgery I found that clothing wasn't fitting as comfortably around my mid section, pants or shorts were unwearable. I embarked on a mission to find dresses and skirts secondhand, and I was fairly successful. Well, sort of. I ended up buying only two dresses and a lot of neat stuff. 

When I visit my mom it's pretty much guaranteed that she'll ask me to go shopping with her. Ever since I was a little girl my mom would drag me around to local thrift shops and garage sales. I hated it back then, but nowadays I enjoy it because of my love for fashion and antiques. In the beginning of the month I went on a vacation with my family, naturally my mother insisted on thrift store shopping. We went to roughly two or three thrift stores. Because it was a small town the selection wasn't great. There were some items I found to my liking, a cropped chiffon blouse and a tartan peacoat.

The peacoat (pictured on the top left) is just plain awesome. It only cost me $8 but that isn't the best part, this peacoat isn't a real coat. What did I just say?! It's a faux coat, it's made from sweatshirt fleece. The construction looks like a wool peacoat but it's sooooo much more comfortable. It's like having fabulous fall fashion only in warmer weather. I love it! So cool. Who ever heard of such an awesome thing?!

With every shopping trip I made, I knew that I wanted to buy things that were lace, velvet or sheer. I picked up this chiffon blouse (top right) at random while deciding between two lace dresses from Coquette. I ended up buying neither dress (both were damaged beyond repair) and bought this blouse instead. It has a cool Beetlejuice street fashion vibe to it, but what's more interesting is that it came new with tags... Can you believe someone paid $3000 USD for this originally? (Click here to see) I only paid $3.75 CAD.

On another trip, I visited a church thrift store. This was when I was still looking for dresses. I came on their 50% off day. I bought a beautiful dress brand new with tags for only $7.50, it's not pictured here, but you'll see it in my monthly recap post. It's not exactly Goth or Alt, just a pretty retro inspired floral dress. Another dress I bought was originally from Forever21 but barely worn, I paid $3 for it. I love it, it's the most comfortable thing I own (bottom right). I also purchased a gorgeous black and purple damask silk scarf for $1 (bottom left), some black flats with floral detailing, and a cute antique style clock. I then went to a nearby Salvation Army and scored this beautiful black velvet tank top (bottom left) that looks brand new, only for $3! I purchased a pair of high waisted retro inspired shorts for the same price, too! Such bargains!! I also found some rose earrings in black and pink for $3, although I already own a pair of black rose earrings, I figured I could always use a back up set lol.

The chiffon tunic pictured above in the middle, was purchased from a lovely independently run vintage thrift store where I also bought a rad pair of clip-on sun earrings (right), all for under $10!

I like visiting thrift stores in small towns, especially independently run/charitable shops. Out of my entire haul I found the best deals came from the church operated thrift stores. They also gave me the best service. I always feel somewhat awkward stepping foot into church shops and bazaars because I'm not religious at all, but I've never been turned away or met with hostility once.

I had a wonderful time at the vintage thrift store, there were a lot of different things to see. They even had vintage sewing patterns but all of which were children's and of no use to me. The women who worked there were very polite and friendly, I bought stuff just because I liked them! I later found out that the money goes to help people in crisis and various other charities.

I think that's what I enjoy most about thrift store shopping, I can get clothing for cheap so I don't have to go without style simply because I can't afford to, but I can also help other people through my shopping. This is something we're seeing less and less of. More "for-profit" thrift stores are opening up in my city and they charge excessive prices for used items. It drives me crazy because it affects the prices of the smaller shops. Value Village started this crap... I won't even step foot in a Value Village because they're so fucking corrupt and overpriced, and don't even get me started on how they treat their employees...

I'll finish my post off with a pic of me rocking a new thrifty outfit!

Had any great thrift store finds? Tell me about them!



  1. Lucky finds!!! That striped shirt is awesome, and I live those suns

    1. I'm in love with those earrings, I'm not much for clip-ons but these were too cute to pass up!

  2. Look at you looking gorgeous in that 3000$ blouse! Seriously though!? 3000$?? WOW! Does it feel luxurious :P Loooove the tartan jacket!

    1. Thank you! I know, I totally put on the blouse and felt fancy lol. It's funny because the blouse isn't made very well, it looks like it's worth about $20. I don't know why the tag says that much. I looked up the brand and most of the items were under $50, maybe this one blouse was just that special lol.

  3. It looks great on you! We have the same shoes :D I wish my mom dragged me shopping!

    1. Thank you! I love those shoes!! X)

  4. 3000 USD?! thats some amount indeed O_O and lady, you look awesome <3

    1. Thank you! :) The lady who processed my purchase laughed, she agreed it was way too much for just a blouse but felt it was a great deal.


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